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The objective of the Family Links page is to try to identify those 'Bradshaws' named in historical documents.  


1.  Thomas Bradshaw mentioned in the 1763 Linen Trade document

2.  James Bradshaw, Quaker living in Hillsborough 1748

3.  George Bradshaw of Bradshaw Derbyshire who married Elizabeth Callum of Co. Cavan

4.  George Bradshaw's Railway Guides of Great Britain

5.  Bradshaw families living in the Parish of Blaris, Co. Down

6.  Bradshaw families living in Co. Monaghan

7. Bradshaw families living in Sandy Row area, South Belfast



1.        Who was the Thomas Bradshaw mentioned in the Linen Trade document?





Reference the above "Observations of The Linen Trade" by the Linen Weavers and Manufacturers of the Towns of Belfast, Lisburn, Hillsborough and Country adjacent.  Goldsmith's Library, University of London


On 28th June 1763, Thomas Bradshaw & Roger Borrows Deputed for the Town of Hillsborough at the meeting of Linen Weavers and Manufactures for the Towns of Belfast, Lisburn, Hillsborough and Country adjacent.  No manufacturer would be admitted who was not also a weaver.  The meeting of six Deputies addressed two specific issues which caused great hardship to weavers - Damnified Flax-seed coming from Scotland and pending legislation to prevent steeping flax in running water. 


Possible Candidates for Thomas Bradshaw;


Thomas Bradshaw, who died 30 September 1794 in Dromore, which is three miles form Hillsborough. 


Thomas Bradshaw son of Robert was born 4 June 1746 in Kiltonga, Newtownards, Co Down, Ireland, and died 22 September 1810 in Milecross, Co Down, Ireland.  In 1763 he was aged 17 years old and not a weaver. 


Thomas Bradshaw son of John was born Abt. 1694 in Annacloy, Parish of Blaris, Co Down and died after 1766.  On 7 December 1715 in Blaris, he married Jane Smith and lived in the Townland of Annacloy Plot #1, which is adjacent to Hillsborough.  In 1763 he was aged about 70 years old.  Jane Smith's family were weavers.  


Thomas Bradshaw son of George was born 18 August 1706 in Blaris, married Agnes about 1726, died 7 September 1777 and was buried in Old Blaris Burial Ground - Large Sandstone Headstone.  In 1763 he was aged 58 years old.  Known descendants of Thomas were weavers.  Seems the most probable candidate?   


In 1784, Methodist meetings were held in the house of Thomas Bradshaw of Priesthill, Annacloy. (Descendants of Thomas  continued to be members of the Priesthill Methodist Church up to 1839.)





Linen Weaving Loom from Waringstown, Co. Down - Circa 1820


During the 18th and early 19th centuries, this type of loom was used by weavers to produce rolls of linen.


(Photograph by kind permission of the Irish Linen Centre, Lisburn Museum)



2. James Bradshaw, Quaker living in Hillsborough 1748


1748 Quaker Meeting House at the house of James Bradshaw in Hillsborough

”Irish & Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research” by Margaret D Falley


Possible candidates for James Bradshaw, Quaker


James b 12 July 1720, son of James Bradshaw & Ann Turner Quakers and grandson of Capt. James Bradshaw & Ann Patterson of Lurgan, married Margaret Fleming in 1747 in the Diocese of Armagh


James b c1715, Lurgan, son of Thomas & Anne Bradshaw, Quakers and grandson of Capt James & Ann Patterson.




3.        George Bradshaw of Bradshaw Hall, Eyam, Derbyshire



Bradshaw Hall

before the collapse in 1961

Bradshaw Hall
Rear view March 2009




“Bradshaw Hall was built about 1611 as a three story extension to the east side of Stafford Hall by Francis Bradshaw, great grandson of Francis who married Anne, daughter of Humphrey Stafford, in 1565.  The widow and daughter of Squire George Bradshaw fled the village at the onset of the plague in 1665 and never returned.”

Eyam Museum.


(This account of Elizabeth fleeing Eyam in 1665 at the outbreak of the plague is disputed. George Bradshaw died in 1646 and Elizabeth was left to raise five children.  In 1660, she left for nearby Brompton, leaving Bradshaw Hall, Eyam unoccupied.)


“About 1630, George Bradshaw, gentleman of Bradshaw in Derbyshire, married Elizabeth Callum, daughter of Sir Hugh Callum and Mary F Emerson of Cloughwater”, Co Cavan.  O'Harts Irish Pedigrees


George (1587-1646) of Bradshaw Hall in Eyam may well have been a merchant in Dublin.  He was involved with his Uncle Peter who had lands in Ireland.  Peter was a prosperous merchant and operated out of London, at The Sign of the Antelope, in Watling Street. Richard Lee Bradshaw


George's wife, Elizabeth (1613-1671), was the daughter of Captain (later Sir) Hugh Culham (Cullum) of Cloughouter Castle in County Cavan. She may have been born at Cloughouter.  Hugh Culham was the son of Hugh Culme, Esq. of Chanston and Cannonleigh, Devonshire. Internet Source


Bradshaw - Origin of the Name & Coat of Arms




5.          George Bradshaw's Railway Guides of Great Britain



1819 Bradshaw's General And Commercial Directory of Belfast

Bradshaw, George; Copperplate Engravers & Printers.  apply, No. 1, Corn Market

Findlay, Francis D., Printers (Letterpress), 1 Corn Market,


 1820 Belfast Almanac & Directory

Bradshaw George & Co., Engravers, 4 Quinn's Entry 




1958 Belfast Telegraph - Bradshaw in Belfast



George Bradshaw came to Belfast, the birthplace of his father Thomas, on or before 1819.  The 1820 directory referred to was the 1819 Bradshaw's General And Commercial Directory of Belfast, compiled by Thomas and printed by Francis D. Finlay of 1 Corn Market (corner of High Street).


In the 1819 directory George was referred to as a copperplate engraver & printer and to apply at 1 Corn Market, which was the business premises of Francis D Finlay.  It is very likely that George assisted in the printing of the Belfast Directory. By 1820 George had his own premises in Quinn's Entry, off High Street (no longer in existence)     




Directories compiled by Thomas Bradshaw of Belfast



"The Subscriber (Thomas Bradshaw), when employed in a similar work (1818 Staffordshire General & Commercial Directory) in the sister kingdom, frequently anticipated the pleasure he would experience, from the completion of a Directory in the place of his nativity; and as there is almost an universal disposition in the heart of man, to revisit the spot which was the theatre of his juvenile amusements, and to enjoy solid satisfaction in the conversation of those remaining, acquaintances who have survived - this was the magnet which drew him form Lancashire, and, in all probability, will transfix him here." Thomas Bradshaw 1819

In the 1841 Census, Thomas and Mary Bradshaw were living in Regent Road, Manchester

Copies available at Linenhall Library, Belfast








General & Commercial





Names and Residents




to which is added, an abbreviated



of the




Compiled and Published by the Proprietors,

Messrs.  W. Parson and T. Bradshaw

by William Parson and

Thomas Bradshaw (of Belfast)

Manchester, 1818

(Google Digital book available on-line)



England and Wales Census - 1841

Manchester, Salford, Lancashire



Thos Bradshaw

Mary Bradshaw




event date:












record type:



registration district:

Salford Union

Salford Union


Regent Road

Regent Road

civil parish:







(Parents of George Bradshaw)





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