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Welcome to the Bradshaw of Ulster web-site, which was created in May 2008 to provide information relating to Bradshaw families who have settled in the Province of Ulster from the early17th century.  Information contained here has been donated by several professional and amateur  genealogists, most of whom are extended members of the Bradshaw family.


As a starting position, the web-site contains only records with references and source location that can be verified.  This is not meant to be a restriction of knowledge, but rather a solid foundation upon which to create reliable information.  In the absence of many pre-1800 records, due to the Dublin Four Courts Fire in 1921 and the government's use of the early census records to help with the First World War effort, the Family Links page has been added to show probable family connections with specific individuals. The assumptions and conclusions may be incorrect, but at least the reader will know the rationale behind them.


Individual family trees have been added which, in some cases, include the e-mail address of descendants wishing to make contact with other family members.  If you are a descendant of an Ulster Bradshaw or have something to say about the web-site, I would welcome hearing from you at .


James Bradshaw

Co. Antrim

July 2016